JAMIS Prime's Integrated and Dynamic Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Suites

JAMIS has teamed up with Microsoft Power BI to bring the ultimate Dashboard and Business Intelligence experience to its customers.  Give your executives and managers powerful insights that will help shape the decision-making process in real time. And since the dashboards are fully integrated into Prime, your users can access this toolset directly within the same application, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

  • Rated the best BI tool on the market by Gartner
  • Web-based analytical reporting tool from Microsoft built on the Power Pivot and Power Query engines
  • Allows you to create and publish interactive, web-enabled reports & visualizations for your organization

How is this different than JAMIS Prime’s standard dashboards?

JAMIS Prime exposes its data securely using OData. OData allows other applications (like Microsoft Excel and Power BI) to "talk" directly to JAMIS Prime securely. It actually communicates over the HTTPS protocol which is the same secure protocol that you use for online banking and even to access JAMIS Prime itself.

The JAMIS + Power BI Advantage

  • JAMIS’ BI Team has created several standard “turn-key” data models for different role and departmental use cases, including Program Management, Financials, Billing and Revenue Batch, and Job Cost P&L
  • Leverage our in-house JAMIS Prime data expertise to take analytical reporting to another level
  • Each data model gives you a unique approach by use case to dive into the details, visualize your key performance data, and make important decisions for your business