Navigating The Government Contracting Landscape With JAMIS Prime ERP


Navigating The Government Contracting Landscape With JAMIS Prime ERP


Compete and Win in Today’s Leaner Business Environment
With unprecedented visibility into your crucial business processes and data, you can discover new opportunities to cut costs and boost revenue. With an ERP system designed to facilitate an agile work environment, you’ll be able act quickly on those opportunities and out-maneuver your competition.

Maximize Your Profit
Better visibility makes you better at projecting future costs and keeping projects in line with your estimates.

Simplify Government Contracting
JAMIS Prime was designed for government contractors. It automates many aspects of financial management, project management, customer relationship management and document collaboration. Prime is the only ERP designed to give your business the accountability demanded by the government and the flexibility you need to grow.

Make DCAA Compliance Easier
Built-in reporting and billing features help you meet all DCAA requirements, greatly reducing the chances that you could lose a contract or have payment delayed due to a lack of compliance.

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